Find the peace within you

Every body has experienced periods feeling low or anxious. It’s a fine line between feeling low and being depressed and who defines that line? More often than not we pull ourselves out of it by digging deep and finding the resources within ourselves to do that or talk to friends and family or go to the GP and take anti-depressants. We all do our best to feel ok again. Learning to relax is something I think everyone from a young age should learn just like any other skill. With today’s pressures, stresses, expectations and the fast pace of life, WE ALL NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SWITCH OFF WHEN WE CHOOSE. In a society where unfortunately MEN are still expected to not show emotions or ask for help and be ‘brave’ or the ‘hero’ can be referred to as a ‘girl’ (like it’s a bad thing) ‘sissy’ or ‘gay’ if they don’t act typically like a man ‘should’.... maybe this is why in the UK there is more depression within men than there is in women. There is no doubt that being able to do switch off helps us to cope better with life’s challenges, WHICH LIFE IS FULL OF, prevents anxieties and depression and also helps you manage them once they arise, provides emotional stability, anger management, lowers blood pressure, enhances performance in sports etc as it strengthens focus, aids quality sleep and boosts the immune system. You don’t have to be a hippy, a woman or take a yoga class to learn how to give yourself a break just find yourself a relaxation class.

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